Monday, May 13, 2013

I've finally gotten my camera out of the moths balls.....

I've cleaned the lenses and am starting to take pictures again.

My dear neighbor and I try to walk a couple of miles as many days out of the week as we can squeeze in. After the main part of our walk we take a little stroll on their pier in the scenic Pomonkey Creek. The past few weeks this pair of Ospreys thought that the boat would be a great place to build their nest and lay eggs. After trying to discourage...Mr. and Mrs. Osprey won out. And they have 2 babies on the way. I think it takes about 5-6 weeks until they hatch.

Though I've watched ospreys I've never had a chance to watch them this close and this is such a better vantage point.

Yesterday, we did our normal walk on the pier to check on Mrs. Osprey. As you can tell she wasn't very happy with us. But she was able to provide me with a  wonderful photo op. :) .