Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I thought I was prepared if the electricity went out.....well I found that I wasn't....never even thought about water for flushing the toilet (I no longer take that for granted...LOL). After being without electricity for more than 50 hours we finally got it back on. It was so nice to have a hot shower, to be able to flush the toilet and not to have to huddle in front of the kerosene heater.

Since we're getting a second round of snow...I will fill the bath tub with water. Make sure I take the stuff out of the fridge sooner (not that there is much in there now...had to throw most of it out). And get a battery operated radio.

Since there wasn't much to do after the snow stopped and after we dug out...I took lots of pictures.

My daughter and her friend built this snowman in the middle of the turn around.....they call him "Lumpy".

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